Searching for Earth Nodes

Magic Games

Frgin Wizards

Thank Dol Dorn someone found this room I feared I would be trapped here forever. Playing that same stupid table again and again. I am not certian of where I am or who the people are that were in the room with me when I came to from the spell the tables were casting over me. To the poor dwarf that I knocked out, I hope there is no long term damage and that you learn to be weary around tough looking adventurers that are locked in magical trances. To the man who saved me from the table that I was originally trapped at I thank you and wish you fair adventures, loose skirts, and strong ale in the future. To the rest of you I may never see you again but I thank you for taking part in my rescue, without you I may have never found Number 2. To the wizard that trapped me in that dispecable room… well, challenge accepted.

Veraciously, Kra



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