Searching for Earth Nodes

A Flash of Moonlight

I don't think we are on Faerûn anymore...

There was a flash of dazzling white light and a moment of disorientation, of falling yet remaining still, as the party touched the obelisk in the desert oasis.

Then, just as suddenly, the sensation was gone. The oppressive heat was replaced with a gentle cool breeze carrying the gentle scent of flowers. The sound of rustling leaves and flowing water replaced the still quiet of the desert. The white light faded to a dim silver radiance, and the party found itself standing in a leafy bower, bathed in moonlight. A small spring burbled along one side, emptying into a still, almost effervescent, pool. Water flowed from the pool into a shallow rocky brook, murmuring and tumbling as it went.

Even in the deep of night, the surroundings were obviously lush and green… almost overwhelmingly so. Vespera let out a gasp as her magical senses took in the profusion of magic around her. Everything seemed perfect here; it was as if she has come home. She told they party they were now in the Feywild.

As the party stepped out of the pool of moonlight in which they had appeared, they recognized that not all of the party had made the journey. Astereon, the mighty minotaur monk was not present, nor was Sandor, the stalwart fighter. Immediate investigation did not reveal their whereabouts.

However, several members of the party did notice unusual changes in their equipment. Adder’s shield was glowing with a silvery light, and Orren noticed his chainmail was lighter, made up of finer rings. As Les attempted to use the water in the pool to get the worst of the Sphinx gore off his robes, the blood stains instead spread, deepening to a dark crimson.

Vespera and Tava both analyzed the magic of the party’s equipment, and found that in many cases the auras of the item had grown stronger. It seemed the combination of the ambient magic of the plane, the magic of the portal, and the presence of an Earth node (deep below the bower reacting in sympathy to the fragment of the Earth node carried by Tava) had infused the magic of the company’s items.

As the party rested, they heard scurrying through the brush nearby, the sound of hooves on stone, followed by the sound of predator’s on the hunt. Could it be their lost companions? The group set off to follow the sounds, hoping to reunite their company.



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